Monday, August 4, 2008

Grand Canyon of the Elwa

The Grand Canyon of the Elwa is an amazing Wilderness run on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. The 8.5 mile hike-in keeps the pretenders away and if that does not work then the knowledge that almost everything in there that is class V is must run and scouting is VERY limited. With all this in mind Peter Westman and Myself headed out there in hope of the goods... and we got it.

Peter on the Hike in

My ghetto rig - worse than the Upper Cherry rig

Me sitting at the campsite

Me boofing the entrance into 'Eskimo Pie'

Scouting the drop above nightmare

Me running the entrance into Landslide

Myself running 'Landslide'

The Grand Canyon on the Elwa is pretty awesome. The hike in is not too bad, the scenery throughout the whole run is amazing and the whitewater is pretty hard and really consistent. Known to be a trip done by walking in one day and paddling out another I would suggest walking in early and paddling out the same day. Get it done.