Monday, February 16, 2009

Kokatahi: Reunion, Introduction and a Great Day Out

After going hard at summer uni for the last 6 weeks it was time to have a blow out and get on some creeks on the West Coast. My friend Chris arrived from Colorado, Robin Scott from England would meet us in Hokitika and Angus Robb decided he wanted to step it up and try his luck on the Kokatahi. Our flight was at 10am and even at a low flow we expected and got an awesome day on the river. Here is some photos of the action...

The ominous looking Kokatahi

Goody, Myself, Robin and Angus

Goody watching Dando come in

Poke 'n' Hope

Goody loving his first heli-trip and West Coast river.

Goody weaving through the amazing Kokatahi boulder gardens

I love the Kokatahi

Goody nailing the RIGHT-hand boof

Steep is the theme of the Kokatahi

Robin running it clean as usual

Angus charging into Carnage Gorge

Such a Mystic-al river

Portaging Kokatahi style

Robin charging off the new 10 footer

Myself on the new drop

The Kokatahi is definitely my favourite heli-trip on the West Coast and I feel that this run offers the most continuous quality white-water and spectacular gorges for a one day trip on the West Coast. We are hoping to follow this trip up with the Wanganui River and maybe another trip at the end of the week.