Monday, March 14, 2011

Upper Perth - The Trifecta

This season we have been trying to get on anything and everything in hope of putting together a film that truely represents what kayaking is like on the West Coast. It is uncertain whether we will get all the footage this summer or if we will need to do some filming during the spring, but one achievement this summer is that we have paddled all three of the West Coast class V multi-day runs. With a forecast of amazing weather and the perfect flow in the Perth. Barny and I gave Ari the call and the mission was on... My day started at 4.10am having to get in both herds of cows before rallying an hour south to Hokitika, Ari started at 5am as he had to drive over from Christchurch and Barny got up around 8am, perks of living in the right place ay. Anyway, we rallied south to the Whataroa River (the Perth is the North Branch), got in a helicopter, flew in a HEAP of food, got dropped further up the Upper Perth than I have ever been and then had two of the sickest days kayaking possible. Clean lines and good times. Here and some of the photos from the trip.

Barny charging way up there (p. Jordy)

Air cleaning the cool corner boof (p. Jordy)

If you are lucky enough to get this high... its stacked (p. Barny)

Me sporting the Hydroscapes F.O.V pfd... and about to sort out Ari! (p. Barny)

The golden stroke (p. Jordy)

Ari launching towards the mountain you paddle at ALL day (p. Jordy)

The Perth! (p. Jordy)

Our accommodation - Scone Hut (p. Barny)

Ari the Curry!!! (p. Barny)

Pulling clear after a sick section on day two. (p. Barny)

Well after this we just need to get on the Waitaha and some more footage of the Kokatahi... it seems everytime we put on there we just end up bombing it. Hopefully I can get a quick edit of the Whitcombe up before we head off to Papua New Guinea in April.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mungo Teaser

Well things are getting pretty hectic these days with Bullerfest just passing, Papua New Guinea only a month away and lots of footage from all our multi-days to sort through... However I have taken some time to put together this short edit or the Upper Mungo. Enjoy.