Thursday, March 21, 2013

Upper Whitcombe and then a DROUGHT

The Upper Whitecombe is one of the coast classic multi-day runs, which I have been lucky enough to do once or more every season for the last 5 years or so. After missing the Xmas trip with Dyl, Masty, Colesy and Sam I was adament to get on it as soon as I could. This didnt take too long as Nick and Will were fired up to get in the helicopter as often as possible, so it would Nick Murphy, Will Pruett, Barny and Myself on this trip. We had a healthy flow which was great and things were kept safe both days. There were a few changes for the worst in terms of rapids changing but we all got the white-water fix we neeeded!

Here are some snaps from our trip.

 Who's driving shuttle? 

 Nick loving(?) the Tuna.

 Steeps early on day one.

 Another lap on the Upper Whitecombe for Barns

 Always classy Willy P.

 Nick charging the tricky entry...

... and paid for it.

 I skipped the entry and stand by my decision!

 Will before the Prices Portage

 Looking at Masty's slot... we love Mastys tight slot


 Next introduced species on the roof was Nick Murphy the America... 
with a broom/golf club!!!

 When it's good, it's good.

 Will, fashionably dashing kayaking gear.

 Steep with holes, thats the West Coast

Will surviving down another steep section.

 High-alpine creeking.

 As classic as it gets really.

 Nick routing one of the changed rapids in
Colliers Gorge. 

Since this trip there has been pretty much NO rain on the West Coast. The region is in like a 100 year drought and the rivers, even the big ones, are lower than I have ever seen them before. Obviously meaning I have done very little paddling in the last 6 weeks. A few surfs here and there and a 4 day trip to the Flat and Dry backyard of the Kawarau River. We had two days rain last week but it hardly affected the partched landscape. We've got more rain on the way so hopefully it might have more of an affect and give us some flow... hopefully some flood runs even!

Papua New Guinea preparations are in full effect and we're looking to fly out May 3rd. So our revised team of Barny, Ari Walker, Matt Coles and Myself will hope to be paddling as much as we can before we depart. Always good to have a mission on the cards!