Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Start of the Summer

Since arriving back in NZ the weather has been terrible with heaps of rain, snow in October and just outright dismal weather. Last weekend, however, this all changed and we managed to get some great weather and bagged the Whitcombe Prices. This season I am turning my focus towards video, in hope of producing a grassroots white-water film at the end of the summer and because of this I am going to throw up some short teasers of the trips we get on. Here are some snaps Barny got and the short clip I made. Warm weather is on the way, get after it!

- The heli in a beautiful setting

- Barny POV punching through a big hole

- Me landing the sweet boof at the end of the inner prices gorge

and here is the short clip...

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Just a quick update from the WET - West Coast. At the start of the month was the annual Bliss-Fest kayaking event in Dunedin, which comprised of a extreme race, grand slalom, surf competition and short-film competition. Barny rolled down a day or so early to get on the Waikaia and although I wasn't able to go down, I thought I might throw a quick edit together and submit it for the film competition. Turns out it was a pretty sweet event down there, with a good turn out... Barny took out the Extreme Race and I even took out the film comp!!! Not a bad result for us down there, now its the styx extreme race to look forward too. Here are a couple pics of Barny from down there and a link to the California clip that took out the comp. Enjoy

- Barny ahead (P. Simon Davidson)

- Barny making his way back to the top for the final (P. Simon Davidson)

Here is a link to the winning short-film

Friday, October 1, 2010

Cali Video

Well after a great six weeks in Europe and a month of being back in NZ I have finally found time to make a short clip of Barny and my trip to California. This clip also features Postman (Justin) Patt and Snarley (Charles King), who we did a lot of our paddling with. This video has footage from Royal Gorge, Big Kimshew, South Merced, West Cherry, SB Feather, Upper Middle Consumes and more. After this I have decided that I might try turn my attention towards video for this summer and hopefully I can produce a worthy film of the West Coast... Hope you enjoy this AND watch this space