Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Arahura on the down-LOW

Fresh back from the USA, new boat sent down from the boys at Bliss-Stick and a group of keen CPIT boys all lead to my first trip down the Arahura for the season. Jamie, Jared, Sam, Chee, Angus, Buttaz and myself picked our way down a low Arahura on god days of rest and had a great time doing it. A great way to open up the paddling season.

Who needs a carry system, Dando has cam-stramps

Dando dropping of some more CPIT boys

Me new mystic

Buttaz on the first drop

Trying my best on a LOW Dent Falls

Jared contemplating Billiards

Jamie on Billiards

Jared's first Billiards

The final boof of Billiards

Giving it on Cess-Pit

The lead out of Cess-Pit and the end of a great day

Cheers to the CPIT boys for giving me the call and the photos.

Final Days in the USA

During the final weeks of my trip to the USA I got to paddle a couple of the Washington classics. First I got to paddle the Green Truss section on the White Salmon and then got to do the gem of Hood River the Little White. Here are a couple of shots from the runs, I would have had more but the boys would not even let me look at things so photos were almost out of the question.

Some guy showing me how he runs Big Brother

Me getting a little far right on Big Brother

Wishbone Falls coming in blind - Little White

Danny and Erin stoked with the LW