Friday, October 31, 2008


The weekend was approaching, fine weather was the forecast and plans for boating were starting to develop. Barny and myself had great plans of hiking into the Arahura, staying in a hut and paddling out the next day. About five minutes after Gareth arrived at the team meeting at Stumpers Bar and Cafe he was on the phone to Dando organizing our heli into the Waitaha, flight time 9.30am. An 'over punctual' Gareth made sure he, Mike, Barny, Simon and myself were at the pick up at 8.30am... Perfect weather, perfect day for kayaking.

Dando knows where to go

Gareth warming into it

My coach Barny watching from the eddy


Barny Young, come on down.

Centre right on the second of the big three.

Gareth getting it done

Barny on the Cave Rapid

Gareth on the lead in to the cave

Hitting the line

Me on the lead in to the cave

Line it up and...


Mike coming in hot

Getting a little left but its all good!!

Off into the blue and towards the portage.

The Waitaha is an amazing river with some of the best scenery I have ever experienced. The white-water is full on and I am looking forward to go back in at a bit of a higher flow. Cheers to Barny and Gareth for showing Simon, Mike and Myself down and cheers to Mike for the majority of the photos.