Sponsors - Gear We Use and Trust

Pyranha Kayak's have always been a big part of the progression of kayaking, with innovative designs and the quality care of a smaller self-owned business. We're excited to align ourselves with this company and be part of the Pyranha family. In the last 12 months we've paddled these boats on 4 different continents, using the Machno M, 9R and 9R-L and we are still raving about these kayaks! Check em out.

Jordy Searle in Laos - Photo Ari Walker

Barny, Ari and Jordy are stoked to be ambassadors for the best dry gear on the market. Kokatat has always made the best gear and continue do to just that. As Barny puts it, "Forget the rest, and get the BEST". Made in the white-water mecca of California, from the the finest materials... this is definitely the gear we want to use when throwing ourselves out into testing environments.

Barny Young, Ari and Jordy on the First Descent of the Karangarua, NZ - Photo David Bain

Earth Sea Sky are a genuine bunch of outdoor enthusiasts who make proven outdoor gear. A large part of kayaking is spent off the river, traveling, scouting, accessing and just generally being on the move and we're grateful to have the support of Earth Sea Sky for taking care of our clothing requirements in testing environments. New Zealand made, so you know its good, and down to earth. Two things we can appreciate and definitely support.

 Gradient & Water Associate David Bain on an Expedition in Papua
Indonesia with the BBC in 2016. The GW Team were the river 
safety crew and feature in the documentary.
- Photo: Shameless Selfie

Snapdragon are legit. Simple. The guys are Snapdragon are down-to-earth, passionate and real people. They stand by their product, and why wouldn't you when you produce the best spary-decks available. We rock the Whitewater Amortex EXP, its built to last, keeps you dry and has the extra security of the implosion bar. Everything you need. 

             Barny Young stoked with a day on Tatlow Creek, BC - Photo Jordy Searle


Much like all the companies we endorse, Watershed Drybags are another company that haven't compromised quality for profits. Anyone in the whitewater world will tell you the quality of these bags and we whole-heartedly support and promote Watershed. There is no other dry-bag company that even comes close to competing. Not just our preference, but truly the best bags in the world.

  Barny Young and Chris Korbulic wondering in Brazil - Photo Jordy Searle