Monday, December 20, 2010

"Worthy" Teaser - Kokatahi

With the Styx Race over and done with, hungovers worn off and a public holiday on monday... it felt as if we should go creeking... and we did. Poor motivation gave us a delayed start, but after rallying hard Barny and I made our midday pick up from the Kokatahi bridge. After what I think is the most beautiful heli-ride on the coast, we were sitting at Crawford Junction above about 6km of the West Coast's best white-water!

This is just a bit of the footage that we got that day... there is plenty more AND we'll be getting on this gem a couple of more times this season for sure. Enjoy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Styx Hard-Man ... Barny Young!

Well after all the build up and everyone wondering who will it be... the Styx Race has come and gone and there is a champion! Thanks to the hard work of Pat Connell, with the support of Barny, Kev and Jeanna, the Styx Race was a major success. The event attracted 26 of New Zealand's hardest kayakers, with Keith Riley being the suggested favourite. From the very beginning of the race, however, it was apparent that Barny 'the bull-dog' Young was after the title. I foolishly tried to keep pace but after about a third of the walk in I faded hard, and decided that I should just keep a steady pace to finish in a reasonable position. Barny, however, kept charging and by the time he reached the put in he had put 2 minutes on his closest competitors who were Andrew 'Bug' Butler and Keith the "ripper" Riley. Being his home run, once on the water it would be hard to make up anytime on Barny which turned out to be impossible with Barny putting another minute on the field. Keith's turn around at the put in put him in front of Bug and that is how the top three turned out. 1st: Barny Young (59.49) 2nd: Keith Riley (62.38) 3rd: Andrew Butler (63.39).

Off to a good start.

The rat race.

Barny Young - 2010 Styx Hardman

After an afternoon in the sun, all the real kayakers congregated at the Kokatahi Pub for an evening of good music, cold beer and just a general good time. The prize giving saw every competitor receive a good prize, with the hard men being duly rewarded for their mammoth efforts.

Till next year, start walking those shuttles with your boat on your shoulder, walk to the next bus stop, park further from the supermarket... it all helps. The 2011 Styx Hard Man tested is going to be biggest and most contested title on the extreme race circuit!!