Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Scouting and a high water Kokatahi River.

Just a quick update/trying to catch up on what we've been up to lately here on the West Coast. After numerous laps of the staple local runs such as the Crooked, Upper Kakapotahi and Styx, Barny and my hunger for new runs had taken over and we decided to check out a creek further up the coast from where we live. After spending a few hours scurrying and swimming down the creek we have pretty much written it off. We didnt make our way down to the waterfall we were hoping too but was a good way to spend a day. Here are some snaps from this scenic log-choked canyon.

 Entering the canyon... I've never canyoned before.

 Barny looking for a way down

Slowly making our way down

 A scenic day out!

Stoked, not sure why.

 Nearing the point of no return, we didn't

 Stuck in the pocket... with a smile.

Another trip we have done recently is the Kokatahi (again) but this time it had a heap of spice in it. After finishing night-shift at 5am I grabbed 6 hours sleep and woke up to my gear packed and and ready to go. Barny had rallied the crew of Matt Coles and Jacob and had booked a heli for 12. So 50minutes drive/after I woke up I was sitting in a helicopter flying into a swollen Kokatahi River. The rest was simple, make it out safely. Which didn't start too well as Jacob swam in the first section after blowing a pretty crucial eddy. After we sorted that out we pulled back the reigns and kept it pretty simple and mobbed out safely. We had a pretty hectic time in there, but thats the way I like it. 

We didn't take many photos but Barny managed to get these few snaps. Enjoy

 Charging for a sneak line

Colesy with a serious look on his face?

 Routing the high water goods

 Carnage Gorge - something is beginning to brew in
there again...

And we continue to MOB! 

More missions have been had, I will get these up sometime soon. Flows are richter!