Saturday, October 1, 2016

British Columbia - thee Great White Gnarth

With the moderate to horrid snow packs in the western united states since 2012 it seems that BC has become the natural progression for EVERYONE who is looking for whitewater. It has always been a worthy destination but now it has been the only place that has good paddling after July. And we're not exempt, after our 2014 tour to BC we have been trying to get back and 2016 it would happen. Ari was coming in from work in Mongolia and David and I were fresh off an expedition in Papua. We'd start in Whistler, head to the Sacred Headwater Area and then come back via interior BC. One month, three guys and a soccer-mum van.

Accessing the Sacred Headwaters

Sam Grafton on 50/50

Ari enjoying some Shlu Livin

Scotty on the Elk

Ari in the Ashlu Box

Afternoon stroll

Paddling the access creek to the Nass

David found the remnants of a BC moose

Ari on a trib of the Nass

Logjam portage

Two paddlers, two moose. 

Probably should have used my carry system

Jordy making the ABC move on the Stikine


Baino on the Stikine

Adrian Kiernan on the Elk

 Stout Goat

 Evan Moore styling Site Zed

Ari getting sendy on the seldom run Wapta Falls

Jordy entering Wasson

Kavu living.