Monday, July 21, 2008

Washington - Local Seattle Runs

Since Upper Cherry I went to the High Sierra Music Festival, travelled to Oregon where I paddled the Miracle Mile and stayed with Dan, and then climbed Mt Adams. Climbing Mt Adams put me in hospital as I did not have sufficient (any) eye protection. Anyway, since then I got over the pain and back into my boat to get onto some of the less known local runs of the Seattle area. Peter Westman was my 'guide' and also let me couch surf for the week. Here are some shots of the runs we done, Fall in the Wall, Robe Canyon and the Upper Tye. Enjoy

Fall in the Wall -

Peter running the Fall in the Wall entrance 20footer

Me on the 20 footer - I got SUPER flat

Peter running where I told him to - he done well considering...

Robe Canyon - South Fork of the Stillaguamish River

Peter running down blind

Me on the lead in to 'sunsine'

Peter on the lead in to 'sunshine'

Me making 'sunshine' look easy

Peter not so much - but we both avoided 'swimming into the lake'

My favourite drop of the day - that hole was SCARY

Me entering lower landslide

Showing Peter the line he should have run

Happy days on the river

Upper Tye - Tye River

Peter on the drop below Log-Jam Falls

Me on the same drop - you can just see my new white helemt

Me paddling on the dark side

Peter entering 'Paranoia'

Peter about to launch over the beefy log-infested hole.

Peter on the 'staireway to heavan'

Me running the first drop on the second run.

These are three great manageable class V runs that are definitely worth paddling if you are in the area while they are flowing. Classic Washington boating for sure.

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Aww that's amazing Jordan! Go you good wee thing you!