Monday, December 15, 2008

Upper Hokitika - GORGEous

After a night out with the boys in Hokitika we got up early and headed out towards the Hokitika/Whitcombe Valley. As we were gearing up a maroon Toyota Surf came charging around the corner with Kev England and Keith Riley in it. I quietly thought to myself, "yes, we have a guide". However, this was a double edged sword as the first thing Kev said was, "this is a juicy flow'. Mike was pretty nervous in the helicopter, only because of the flying, but when we got dropped off it was me who was nervous. As soon as we put on the nerves subsided and the Upper Hoki experience began.

Kev showing the North Island boys

Sam styling it

Scouting the waterfall

Kev firing it up

Sam on the waterfall

Brad on the waterfall

Mikey Drop

Inside the second gorge

Below the tight corner drop - second gorge

Me watching Keith come down

Brad hucking into the new drop

Sam on the new drop

Kev doing it in style


The Gates of Argonath

The Upper Hokitika was an amazing run, with unbelievable scenery, stout whitewater and a real adventure feel to it. Cheers to the boys for giving me the invite and to Kev for saving us a lot of scouting. I cannot wait to get back on this run and plenty of other runs of this caliber.

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