Friday, December 11, 2009

Whitcombe from Prices - A first for many.

After 9 days straight on the farm I was more than due for some sort of paddling blowout. With Barny on logistics, an ever interesting phenomenon, I was rallying to hoki after a 4am start milking the cows, with Simon Davidson and his friend Gerard close behind. This would be a split trip with Gerard and B-Rain (Brian Urmson) flying to the Cropp put in and Barny, Simon, Kev, PC and myself flying to Prices flat, we wanted to go into Prices River but high winds foiled that plan. With great water levels most things on the river went and the upper section was as Barny put it, "Pretty fucking sweet, way better than I remember... a portage-fest". This was my first trip from Prices Flat, Simon and B-Rain's First trip in the Whitcombe and Gerard's first heli altogether. Here are some photos from the beautiful upper section.

PC running the lead out of a pretty serious bit of white-water

Kev trying to sneak a look

Barny boofing so hard he broke his seat

PC "run(ing) it like it looks".

Big boof, soft landing... Exactly what we love (p. Kev)

Blue boat, paddle and helmet. Simon is dressed to impress... and does so (p. Kev)

Si and PC deciding the lead it lead straight to a beatdown of some description

After paddling the boogie water below Prices, and the bit before Colliers Gorge on the Cropp section, we found B-Rain and Gerard chilling out on some rocks. Little did we know Gerard had just had a swim, lost his paddle and had to wait for us to arrive with a split paddle. Regrouped we routed Colliers Gorge pretty quickly giving B-Rain and Gerard the lines and making sure they had a great time. Fortunately a group ahead of us came across Gerard's paddle and he got it back!

B-Rain charging on his first Whitcombe (from Cropp)

Such a beautiful river

Gerard's boat... someone say "nice parking"

Kev England - doing how he does

Shooting the boot... keep things balanced with the river gods

The Whitcombe is a great river with now four alternative put in's. Its more of a river compared to the rest of the coast so be prepared for a bit more water, push and a whole lot of fun, enjoy.

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