Friday, October 1, 2010

Cali Video

Well after a great six weeks in Europe and a month of being back in NZ I have finally found time to make a short clip of Barny and my trip to California. This clip also features Postman (Justin) Patt and Snarley (Charles King), who we did a lot of our paddling with. This video has footage from Royal Gorge, Big Kimshew, South Merced, West Cherry, SB Feather, Upper Middle Consumes and more. After this I have decided that I might try turn my attention towards video for this summer and hopefully I can produce a worthy film of the West Coast... Hope you enjoy this AND watch this space

1 comment:

Your boy Fergie said...

I like it, well not the music. Why not some U2, come on Jord.
Also how can i show my class this with all the colourful language?