Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gradient and Water Calendar 2011

Well the word is out, Barny and myself have put together a professionally made calendar in co-operation with Dave Kwant and Too-A-Tee printing. The reason for doing this is that we are planning on making a grass-roots white-water film of the West Coast. This film will aim to rekindle interest in New Zealand as a world-class paddling destination and to raise awareness of West Coast Rivers. Rivers that are under-threat from hydroschemes and other forms of development.

So simply we are trying to sell as many of these as we can, and for $15 bucks the price is right. The photos in this calendar are from the West Coast of New Zealand and from our latest trip to California. Getting one is easy, transfer $15 (or multiples of that if you are buying more than one) into:

National Bank
06 0471 0706296 38

With you name in the particulars and reference fields. Then email or with your address and number of calendars ordered. Simple! Get one for yourself, your mum, girlfriend, mistress or whoever... every one purchased helps us out heaps!

Cheers guys, see you on the river.

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