Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gradient and Water Calendar 2014 - pre-orders over and about to be sent out!

Well the calendars have arrived and in the words my my flat-mate, "the new calendars are actually good quality calendars that people will get their money's worth". They're better than I thought they were going to be, which is crazy as I was stoked with the digital layout, and they're huge. A full A3 calendar, so big infact that we've actually come across and issue with sending them... they're so big they're classed as parcels! Which has forced us to raise our pre-order price to $25 NZD for people here in NZ and $25 USD for international purchases, but the prices for multiple calendars havent changed. Those people who got in early have secured their's for our initial low price. We wanted to sell them as cheap as possible, id prefer to sell them all at a lower price than have them filling up my Rav, but domestic shipping looks like its going to cost us over $7 each calendar, and I havent even worked out international yet! That said, if you can track down Barny or myself in the next month or so we'll see them person to person for our original price, $20! We've done a limited run this year, with being in different country's and financing the calendars ourselves, so you run the risk of missing out if you wait!

So anyway, click on the relevant link below and secure yours today!

New Zealand ONLY


Stoked to have the calendars at Gradient & Water - HQ... 229!

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