Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kokatahi - Home!

Plenty has been getting done here on the coast this season, plenty of people around with most of the classics having already been run. I was gutted that I wasn't part of the first crew down the Kokatahi but that said, going in with a padded-out medium flow was sick to say the least. Not too much had changed, but there is something brewing in Carnage Gorge, with a 4-foot boof now in the narrow point of the gorge... and it is likely to get worse. Other than that much was the same and I was stoked to show my new friends Basso, Dag, Thomas, Luca and Taylor down my favourite run on the coast and to enjoy another sick lap with my boys Daan and Ari the Currie. Too many posts about the Kokatahi over the years so I will leave it at that, here are some snaps from the trip.

Pat driving shuttle again, shame he wont do it for a massage and a bottle
of wine like girls do in california!

Best Coast.

 Luca getting the local treatment, little beta... heaps of fun.

 Perfect weather makes for a perfect day.

 Daan runs pretty much everything off verbals...

 Really is hard to beat!

 More to come as we've been VERY busy!

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