Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Paddling in the USA

Well this is the start of a three month paddling trip around the USA with the intention of going to Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

This is the beast at is going to get me around Colorado and to Cali

First on the paddling agenda was the Black Rock section of the South Platte. A short low volume run that is class IV am one class V- rapid right at the end. It was on the low side when Arthur and I paddled it but was a good way to shake the jet lag.

First rapid on Black Rock

Arthur running a small class IV drop

Stroke placement is everything

Running the meat of 'Rigor Mostis' on Black Rock.

The next chance I got to paddle something was a run called Dowd Chute. It was about four miles long and was big holes and waves. The rivers character and lack of defined drops did not really warrant photos so we did not bother to get any. Either way it is a good class IV run that breaks up the drive near the Vail area. After Dowd we headed to the Clear-Creek of the Arkansas, a low volume class IV+ creek that has to gorges that a both scoutable while doing the shuttle. Snowing while we put on set the tone and soon Arthur found himself out of his depth, and boat, before the first gorge. After retrieving his paddle I paddle the first gorge solo and then decided it was best to get out. It is a great run and if you catch it with plenty of water it would be awesome.

Scouting the Ark -Clear Creek

Me thinking about putting on... Yeah Right!!

Putting onto Ark-Clear Creek

Arthur... the picture tells the story

Next thing I paddled in the Arkansas Drainage was Lake Creek with Lawrance Simpson and paddled Granite, Pine Creek and Numbers sections of the Arkansas with Lawrance and Arthur. Lake Creek was at a meaty flow of around 650cfs. We both paddled The Brains and Paralyzer, Lawrance and I both opted to walk Kiss me and Lawrance ran The Cauldron. I have some video that I will put up when I get a chance. The Pine Creek section of the Arkansas is more like a single rapid about 1/4mile (or more) long . Big waves and holes is the character and Arthur was unfortunate to end up in ‘Pine Creek Hole’. He managed to get himself out but used all his air doing so and eventually swam. Numbers is great class IV run which Arthur and I also ran again before we left BV.

In between water on Lake Creek


Anonymous said...

Hey bro good to see your having fun and made it. Just remember if your gonna go deep go "balls deep". Take care


Becca said...

Hey Jordy, looks like a blast so far, keep the updates coming as we are enjoying living a bit of your holiday with you from over here. Keep safe and we are proud of you for living your dream. Love Aunty Becca

Anonymous said...

All looks pretty cold and dry - climbing pics awesome and rivers look nice - not as scenic as NZ

Jim Searle said...

Hey Jordy, pleased to see you having an awesome time we are so jealous!! Keep adding to your blog we love seeing where you are and what your up too. Take care but keeping having fun ok.
Cheryl and James

Mum said...

Hi Jordan

Photos look great keep it updated as we all love to see what you have been up to.

Safety First!!