Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Perth River

Well all I can say about this run is STEEP! Dave Chambers and Myself were going into Hokitika about 8pm at night to get our heli money for the Whitcombe when we ran into some old friends. Long story short, 13 hours later we were loading kayaks into a cradle to fly into the Upper Perth.

Getting our gear together

Flying in things look sweet all the way to Scone Hut. After this the rivers gradient and ferocity look to increase dramatically. We landed about 5km upstream at a sieved section that looked like the get it on the New Zealand section on Amongst it and began to scout. Long sections of continuous class IV+ to V rapids were on the menu for the next 5hours with a few portages and some absolutely amazing scenery, geography and white-water.

Scone Hut

Chance firing one of the bigger drops

People seem to think that the first section of the second day is the hardest and steepest. I think after paddling the first day that you won't even noticed the gradient at all. The second day starts of classy IV+ for a few kms with a few V's. The two other steep sections on this day collect a bit more water making things more pushy. Knowing your way through the first day would be helpful on this trip so doing the one-day Perth would be a good idea.

Jimmy stomping it

Myself making the boof

Chance firing it up.

The Perth River is an amazing class V river and the multi-day option is certainly worth it. Its worth knowing that you do drop your gear at Scone Hut on the way up and there is six beds in Scone Hut. This river has lots of inconspicuous sieves but a whole lot more white-water. Definately the hardest thing I have run on the West Coast.

Typical Perth River

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Cooper Lambla said...

Just found this bro! Good shit, mate. Good paddlin' with you in the dark the other day!