Sunday, October 25, 2009

Spring Time & Southern Missions

The weather is warming up, the snow is melting and the university of canterbury has been kind enough to grant its students with plenty of study leave. With the exception of a few Upper Kakapotahi missions, styx trips and, of course, the first decent of Red Granite Creek, I haven't really had a chance to get out and do some serious creeking. After some serious spouts of persuasion by Willz, Barny and others, I caved... resulting in some of the best creeking I have ever done. Unfortunately we didnt have a camera on our trip down the West Branch of the Waikaia but for the following day on the Nevis, Simon Davidson came to town and brought his camera. The crew was Barny, Willz, Simon D, Dylan, Michel and myself. Here are a couple of shots from that day.

Simon and my boat poised and ready

Dylan showing us the portage... Willz didnt watch well enough and pitoned hard

Dylan charging into scarface

... and exiting with perfect form

Me entering scarface... a little too far right

... and paying for it

Dylan running the double drop - beefy

Barny leading Michel and Dylan down 'Little Brother'

Michel running 'Big Brother'

Barny getting it done

This was an amazing trip, and pretty quick thanks to Dylan. This trip re-ignited that internal flame for kayaking and since then I have been back down south twice, getting on the normal Waikaia section, the Manuherikia, the Nevis again and Nevis Bluff. Here are some shots, again thanks to Simon D, of the Waikaia and Nevis.

Me running 'Tunnel Falls.

Willz stomping it

Classy double drop

Ben entering the 'Water Fall of Death'

Willz styling it

Business time

Si clear of the LZ and stoked with it

Me entering the WFD


Si dropping into the last substantial rapid of the Waikaia

Skux on the nevis

Blew running his first staunch NZ river in quite some time

Spot the paddler? Darren probing the depths

Good flow on the nevis the second time around with 5 or so more cumec than the first time I got on it, making it a bit more pushy but still good to go. It has been awesome creeking down south the past few weekends and am looking forward to another round after exams.Good times, good lines and good people.

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