Friday, August 19, 2011

West Cherry ... and the end of my season

Well unfortunately this would be the end of my paddling season in cali. After Fantasy we made the annual pilgrimage to Three Rivers, for some laps on Hospital Rock. But on my second lap I took a kayak to my ribs in the hole below little Niagra and that was that... no more boating for me Cali 2011.

ANYWAY, Barny and the boys would obviously continue to charge and the next thing on the agenda was West Cherry. After our low water trip last year, Barny and Snarley were keen to catch it with a lot more water and also walk up to check out the infamous Graceland. The crew for this trip was Barny, Snarley, Smurf, Korbulic and Jake. Barny fired Graceland first, followed by all the boys! But it wasnt over, Charles had some how managed to piton on the 15footer in the top half of Graceland... he decided to clean it up and Korbulic thought he might run it again. After this was a series of burly rapids, portages and good times. From the confluence the boys found a huge amount of water in Upper Cherry, most notably in the Bottom Gorge. The boys took care of it all and had a sick trip in there. Here are some of the snaps of their trip.

Graceland (p. Barny)

Barny routing Graceland (p. Snarley)

Charles roosting on his second lap! (p. Barny)

Jake cleaning the West Branch (p. Barny)

Barny on chuck's (p. Smurf)

Korbulic dropping in (p. Barny)

Smurf charging! (p. Barny)

The boys had a sick trip and the next thing on their agenda would be a lap on the bottom section of Middle Cherry while they waited for Upper Cherry to come in.

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