Monday, December 26, 2011

California Charge 2011

Barny and I have been lucky to pretty much skip the New Zealand winter the last two years by making the now OBVIOUS pilgrimage to the sunshine state, California. During this time we have been fortunate enough to assimilate into the local Cali crew and get pretty much everything Cali has to offer! Unfortunately I bruised or cracked or broke some ribs down on the Kaweahs this season so missed the business end but Barny carried on the Charge routing Graceland, Upper Cherry, high water Devils-Postpile and the Middle Kings. Here is an edit of the spectacular white-water that Cali has to offer, and that we were fortunate to get on! Enjoy!

Here is the edit from 2010... so looks like 2012 will be better again!

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the charger said...

The Charge is strong with you boys! May it guide you safely back to the land of milk and honey.