Thursday, January 5, 2012

Upper Whitcombe River - West Coast, NZ

Severin rocking the tuna (p. Jordy)

The Upper Whitcombe is one of the coast's super classic multi-day kayaking runs. Providing the majority of the flow to the Hokitika River, this run is good to go after a period of prolonged good weather and is definately best enjoyed with sunny weather. With the usual crew away on a Southern Bender mission, I got in touch the Dylan the Villan and his crew of imports and the Okere Massives Lou Jull, to see what the plan was... but it was fairly obvious, the Whitcombe. Fresh of their Upper Kaka's, Waitaha and Mungo charge everyone was feeling good for this trip. So the plan was set, crew locked and heli booked, I was off for another trip down the Upper Whitcombe.

Danny bringing in more of the troops (p. Jordy)

Lou Jull ready to slay another coast classic (p. Jordy)

Benjamin Hjort charging through one of the
many big holes (p. Jordy)

Swiss ball rolling on down (p. Jordy)

...and charging the slot (p. Jordy)

Dyl and Benji charging (p. Jordy)

Sly-operator Keith Riley getting caught on camera (p. Jordy)

As usual I was pretty slack at the hut about taking photos, and I dont even think I got my camera out on the second day even though it has the crux gorge of the run. But I had a great trip with some new friends and cant wait to get to sample their rivers, those of Switzerland and Norway, some day!

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