Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Episode 2: Upper Whitcombe River - New Zealand

Here is the second installement of the Worthy Series, and this time it is the Upper Whitcombe River. This is probably the most reliable run on the coast, with it being one of the biggest drainages. You need a little bit of extra water to paddle it from Wilkinson Hut as an overnight trip. But even if things are low you can always paddle it from Prices Flat through one of the steepest most runnable gorges on the coast. I was lucky enough to get to run this twice this season but still havent had a trip quite like when Barny found a bees nest in the out-house!

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Mick from Airlie Beach said...

G'day Shannon,

(1) Is that a trace of a Kiwi accent I detect? Or did you get 'good to go' from, what, a Dane Jackson video?

(2) Paddlers who are okay to run continuous class 5, but hide in a hut from a few stingless bees? And I suggest you edit that out before anyone's mum watches it.

(3) I look forward to seeing the Hopkins River episode. Red Bull may not have heard of it yet.

(4)You should mention in your trip reports whether there is any class 2 water available prior to the river emptying into the sea. Growing the sport:)keeps instructors fed.

Cheers mate, I'm enjoying watching your adventures, although they are barely visible from class 2.