Friday, May 4, 2012

Worthy - the Final Teaser

Barny and myself came up with the idea of making this film in October of last year, after a solid season in California. We put together a short edit from our trip and were stoked with it, making us think it could be worthwhile trying to do the same on our own local goods. After two big seasons in New Zealand we have come to two conclusions. ONE, were not nearly motivated enough to EVER be real film makers… and TWO,  the West Coast is truly a white-water paradise.

Although the West Coast has always been a ‘must-do’ destination for any real kayaker, there hasn't really  been  any footage that does the place justice. The main reason for this is that the white-water doesn’t look BIG and IMPRESSIVE.  It is remote, steep and technical white-water with ominous threats everywhere. White-water that will challenge any kayaker. Little did we know that the Red Bull Flowhunters had our backyard in their sights. After seeing the ridiculous amouut of time and money they were putting into their project we decided to change our tact, instead of making a film we'd make several episodes highlighting our favourite rivers here on the coast.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing several edits of the classic runs on the West Coast, namely the Upper Perth, Kokatahi, Crooked, Upper Whitcombe, Mungo and Upper Kakapotahi. We’ll also do an edit of some of the First Descents that we bagged this summer. Hopefully this action will wet your appetite for the Best Coast and we’ll be on some of these gems with you this coming summer.

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Daniel Menten said...

Yeah boysies keep chargin over there! I know what its like cuz I live on the West Coast of North America, even further west than the sierras, and its a whitewater paradise that's hard to do justice to as well...good job! Hope to join ya someday,
Dan Menten