Friday, July 27, 2012

Mesa Falls, Idaho

Well we finally managed to break out of the vortex and I think this time it may be for good. Our five day trip to the NF Payette blew out to almost three weeks, which mean't it would make sense to detour even further east to Wyoming and try and bag some of the late season runs. To break up our drive we figured we might as well stop in at Mesa Falls for a little huck session and to check out the infamous right side of the falls. So we linked up with some Boise locals Matt Elam and Jason Butts and made out way out to Mesa. 

Stoked to have ticked off another thing I have wanted to run

We probably should of read something about accessing the falls etc, but we eventually worked it out and were soon making the 1-2mile hike down to the falls. We figured we should all paddle the left line and then see how we feel for the right. So Jason and Matt got things under-way then we followed suit.

Jason and Matt making their way to the falls.

and then scouting their lines.

Jason first to making it down.

Matt on his second attempt, this time with my Snapdragon deck on!

Just another waterfall for Nick.

Another angle of the spectacular falls.

Nick stomping the second drop

Going towards the 25footer.


After we had all paddled the left side Nick and I went over to river right to inspect the line over there. We had been told by some friends who paddled it recently that you aim for the reconnect 15ft down and then you land in the veil of the left line and you just wait to be spit out.... tempting? Not really. Nick, who is well versed in the waterfall world and who is crazy as fuck, couldn't even justify the idea of potentially falling 40ft. Power to those crazy's who have ran that side before!

Scouting the right side... no wonder this one has dished out so
much carnage!

 Trying to keep a leash on Nick, not mean feat!

Next is Bull Lake, the Upper North Fork through to the reservoir. One of the most epic trips of my life, not a classic but am glad I have it under my belt!

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