Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Vortex - Still North Forking!

I'll let you in on a little secret, going to the North Fork is like a can of Pringles. Once you pop, you can't stop! The only difference is, you never run out of NF. Nick and I tried to break out of the time-vortex that the North Fork is, we even made it as far as  Boise for a night out with some new friends. But due to high flows in Wyoming we only had one real option, head back to our regular routine of waking up at Shady-7, setting shuttle at the convenient banks cafe while grabbing some breakfast, paddling top-to-bottom on the NF and then some serious lifestyling for the rest of the day. Pretty tough life really, but its what we have to deal with I guess. Them the breaks. 

 Always stoked for a T-to-B on the NF!

We never really motivate to take photos, 15 miles with no portages does that to you, but we were fortunate enough to have Beth and Amanda follow us down one fine day and snap a few more shots of us taking some locals down our new home run. 

 Nick and I exiting 'Nut Cracker'

 Nick letting the Jah-Mad do the work 

Me busting through the hit in 'Disneyland' 

Richard Young following suit  

 Nick entering 'Bouncer'

 Nick and I charging through 'Jacobs Ladder', always a serious rapid 

 Me on 'Rock Drop' in 'Jacobs Ladder', its good when its good and fucking
scary when it doesn't go good!

 Nick cruising through 'Hounds Tooth', legit. 

 Pablo, stoked to be back on the water

 Our group back to full size for the lower-five. 

We're finally breaking out of the vortex now, we'll trying at least, and are slowly making our way towards Wyoming to get on some proper wilderness runs. And I can't wait!

Demshitz keeping me safe on the Payette

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