Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Silver Falls, Cispus and Lower Lewis - Washington

Jackson Hole is the biggest vortex in the world. The people are nice, the social scene is awesome but there is pretty much no whitewater after the Box is done. We had some car trouble, so 'reluctantly' had to commit to 10 days of hanging out, BBQ's, disco night, long boarding and the like. After this we got some new shoes for the van and made our way to the Canadian border. Its a touchy subject but we didn't make it. So 5 hours, two inspections and some frizbee throwing later, we crawled back into Washington state. Unsure what to do we decided we should at least go paddling so we made our way towards the Cispus River. On the way we decided to check out Silver Falls, and although it was low we decided to fire.

Winner goes, so I went! 

 Nick entering cool and collected.

So after getting our feet we went wanted more and went up to the Cispus, which is an absolute gem! Totally under-rated in my opinion, 6 miles of class V with no portages... a dream. So we got to work and banged out 6 laps over the following few days.

 Nick probing the right side of the 'Island'

Me entering 'Behemoth', a side 30 footer.

 Nick of his first lap of 'Behemoth'.

 The sweet boulder-gardens that lay down-stream.

But after a few days we had found our peace with this river and it was time to move on to bigger and better things, which happened to be Lower Lewis Falls. This beautiful 35-40 footer is road side and always has a live audience. Nick ran it twice but I only went once, took a hefty water-hit and wasn't keen to do it again. Nonetheless, another sweet drop for the tour.

 Nick about to slay it.

Me having a good entry angle but about
to take a hit.

So after this we decided it was time for good food and some 'social investment' with the boys at the Beaver Lodge, and their guests the Seiler brother. Enough said I guess, big nights, rough mornings and a little bit of paddling. Green Truss, and a surprisingly good LOW water lap on the Little White (@ 2.1). The blessed waters always deliver. And so has Washington!

Nick roosting BZ in the evening light.

Me about to plug the left side of spirit.

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