Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Santa Catarina - Southern Brazil

After chancing our arm and firing out endless messages to the Brazil kayaking community, we struck gold by coming into contact with Marcelo Ludvichak who hooked it up and just happens to be a sick paddler. First day we scouted a first D, second day we did the Rio Vermelho, next day did a super high water Rio Benedito all intertwined with good nights out Jaragua do Sul. After 5 days of amazing hospitality he put us on a bus and sent us down the Florianopolis and into the capable hands of Bruno alves de Mattoes and an American Geoff Steves.

We got lucky again with a whip down the Zimbira, then the Expedition section of the Cubatao do Sul and then a 2m flow down the race section of the same river. Then we had a kayak festival, came second in the race and won the party... although that was easy as Brazilians put more of am emphasis on going kayaking at their festivals opposed to our kiwi versions! Now we're linking up with Mercelo Galizio and hoping for some rain somewhere in Santa Catarina to round off our last week in Brazil!


This was my first attempt at Armageddon, definitely lucky to roll on the lip or I would of eaten the shelf. On the Sunday I went back and ran it again, cleaning up my line and getting some redemption! Also stoked to see Marcelo Galizio run it for his second time ever!

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