Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cali with Cuzza

Everyone thought that California would be a write-off this season with the dismal snowpack, but that wasn't to be the case. Sure it wasn't the best of years, like the huge seasons of 2010 & 2011, but pretty much everything came in and there was time for the motivated, and patient, people to get it all. I got in a little late, end of APRIL which is ridiculous, but still managed to bag a bunch of the Kaweahs, Bald Rock, two laps of Fantasy, some Cherry Creek and finally got the Middle Kings. It took a while and some patients, but it was definitely worth it. Here are a few snaps from a pretty epic cali charge. 

 Chucks Slide - Middle Kaweah

 Rusty's Rampage - Upper Middle Kaweah

 Curtain Falls - Bald Rock Canyon

Big Boys Pants (high-flow) - Fantasy Falls

 Big Boys Pants (low-flow) - Fantasy Falls

Jedi Mindmelt - Fantasy Falls

 Bear Claw - Fantasy Falls

 Fantasy Falls

Fantasy Falls

Bishop Pass - en route to the Middle Fork of the Kings

Bishop Pass - en route to the Middle Fork of the Kings

Waterfall Gorge - MFK

Breakfast Slide - MFK

Post Cali we joined up with Barny who arrived to Idaho and spent a few weeks lapping the NF. After a hectic July 4th we made our way to Washington and have been here the last month. We've bagged a bunch while we've been here and even got some hefty rain to bring in a couple of runs we didn't think we'd get. Pictures of all this coming soon.

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