Monday, April 21, 2008

Arahura Te Awa

The Arahura River has been the world-reknown 'West Coast Classic' with every international kayaker I meet asking about that river. Whats it like? What flows go? Have you ran Dent Falls? These are common question that come up when discussing this run. Basically all I can say about this run is get 2-6mates together, give Dando a call, then $100 for the chopper flight (prices change), pull on your deck and be ready for 3-7hours of classic moves, nice drops and testing white-water. Its a great day out and a must do if paddling on the coast.

The shuttle vehicle courtesy of Bruce Dando

Brinky running the first drop

Jared enjoying his first Arahura

Brinky on Curtain Call

Me running Dent Falls

Ben finding the rock at the base of Dent Falls

The final drop of a busy class IV+ section below Dent Falls.

Risk assessment on Cesspit - Alex and Rich

Me firing Cesspit

Mo firing Cesspit

Me below Cesspit.

Paddlers on this trip were Alex Kilyk, Brinky, Richard Young, Mo Kennedy, Ben, Angus Robb, Jarad Mitchell and myself. It was a great day out with only one swim, due to poor line communication eh Jared. Thanks to Alex, Mo and Rich for the photos.

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