Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Upper Kakapotahi

The Upper Kakapotahi is one of the only class IV-V road-side runs on the West Coast. A short gorge consisting of about ten sweet drops, deep clear pools and two portages (subject to interpretation) make up the run. Then there is the option on paddling the Lower Kakapotahi which is mostly class III+ (IV) but is much more fun big and brown when pushing into class IV-V. Here are some shots of the run.

The tight entrance slot - charge right or sneak left

Dave Kwant and Barny Young after the second drop

Paul Maydew paddling clear.

Postmans Falls

Alex on Postmans

The boys checking out Airmail

Dave Kwant on Airmail

Myself on Airmail

The Portage - you'll work it out.

Paddlers this day where Barny Young, Alex Kilyk, Paul Maydew, Kev England, Dave Kwant and Myself. This is a medium flow, any less and things become manky and more portages might be required, any higher things are rushed and consequences increase drastically. There is a way out if things are too hot in there for you below Postman Falls on river LEFT, enjoy. Thanks for the photos Alex and Kev.

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