Thursday, June 12, 2008

Upper East

From Gunnison we decided that we would paddle the Taylor Canyon on the way to Crested Bute. Moderate class III-IV the whole was it was just nice to be on the water. At the take out we met some local good fellas, Chris Goodnough and Josh Morris, who said they would take us down the Upper East.

Chris and I getting ready for the Upper East

Me on Midget Wrestler

Chris on Midget Wrestler

Josh 'dont follow my line' Morris on Midget Wrestler

Me running the 15 foot slide/drop blind

Chris giving Arthur the line on the 3rd sister.

Me trying out a large burn, boofing the 3rd sister.

Chris on the last drop/slide

The team with Mt Gothic in the background

Andy and me playing around while the guys pack up

It was really great to paddle with Chris Goodnough and Josh Morris who showed us down the Upper East. Also, a big thanks to Chris and Erin for putting up with the 'Road Tripppers' parking on the back lawn and just suffering our general, and repeated, nuisance and disturbance.

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