Thursday, June 12, 2008


Oh Be Joyful is one of the classic, if not THE classic, steep creeks of Colorado. It starts wit an 18footer, has big slides, a 25footer and is all pretty manageable. Alex Kilyk, Tom Janey, Christian and myself done a couple of laps in the morning and I ran a lap in the afternoon with my buddy Chris who got roped into having us stay at his house for a few days. Here is some shots of the action.

Me hitting the line on the entrance 18 footer

A better angle of the entrance falls

Tom getting it done

Christian on the entrance

S-slide to 10 footer

The mini-gorge before the 25 footer

Chris running the shit

Myself on the 25 footer

Alex styling the shit out of it

My second go at the 25footer

Christian getting the line of the day in my opinion

Myself on the Avalanche Slide

Me running the second last big slide

Christian, Myself, Alex and Tom happy with a day on OBJ.

Me, Sean, Brody and Tom just as happy

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petiscarabee said...

that's actually really impressive! hope you have a lot of fun!
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