Monday, June 9, 2008

Rodeo, Roadside and Towards the Creeks

In Glenwood Springs we headed to the local play wave to check it out. Arthur, always keen to ride a big wave, Davis took his gear straight to the river and got amongst it with some world class play boaters. I just chilled in the sun and relaxed for most of the day.

Getting in the sponsors...Yeah Right

Its a wide wave

Dan the werner rep

The next day we weighed up the options of either going to the Teva Mountain Games in Vail or head towards Gunnison/Crested Bute for some creeking. Since we had been to Vail twice already, and the call of creeking was so strong, we decided to go to Gunnison. On the way I got a chance to paddle the Narrows section of the Crystal, a class V- section of big water (for Colorado) that was road side. Arthur who was not feeling it opted to do safety by means of bicycle by which he could only just keep pace with me.

Tessa taking the only available photo

Little bit of road-side whitewater

More beautiful than paddle-able, but roadside

The following day we spent a good amount of time at the Gunnison Play Park where the two features kept Arthur and I coming back for more and Tessa entertained to say the least.

Gunnison Play-Park

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Aisha said...

impressive pics with the canyon, kayaking, and i loved the moose pic too!!
and just so you know, US cops should take a hint from NZ cops... we have the BETTER brand of cop car... that's right.