Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Kimshew

For years I have heard that Big Kimshew is one of the biggest days in California. After getting the Yuba Gap, South Branch and Upper Middle Consumes, and a quick trip up to Oregon for the Little White and NF of the Clackamus, the stars aligned... flows were right, our boy Keith joined the A-Team and it was on! With fantastic beta for the shuttle from Taylor Cavin we found the river and oh what a river. Big Kimshew was big... and we liked it.

- Charles on the first 20 footer

- Barny entering Kimshew

- Me on Kimshew... yes!!!

- The drop below Kimshew... boof centre?

- Keith weighing up Frenchies

- Charles firing off Frenchies

- Keith... money shot!!!

- Me of Frenchies

- Just another stout drop... so good

This run is truely fantastic, drop everything and go. Between 400 and 800 on the middle feather guage means calling in sick, cancelling a date or what ever... Everything goes if you want it to and add secret stash to the bottom if you want to avoid a terrible walk out.

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