Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Devil's Canyon - Middle Branch of the Feather

In preparation for some of the more full-on multi day Califonia river trips we decided to check out the Middle Feather. A two or three day river trip that boasts continual white-water in the class IV+ - V realm and unparalleled scenery, this was sure to be a good time. With plenty of time in hand, and some severe hang-overs from a Kiwi bender at the Caloma Club, we elected for a 3 day mission. After a lazy morning, midday and afternoon we made our way to the put in at 6pm! Charging through about the first 8 miles in the evening twilight, we were doubting we would meet our other three more organised counterparts waiting at the camp sight. Fortunately just before nightfall we found the others, fire already lit and smiles were all around. Day two and three packed plenty of read and run white-water, a few bigger drops, another amazing camp site and of course a few hairy moments... with Sanga winning the involuntary rodeo competition closely followed by Jamie and Rach Moore. Here are some photos of this must-do classic californian multi-day trip.

- Camp 1 on the second morning (P. Barny)

- Me running Franklin Falls (P. Barny)

- Chilling out (for like 6 hours in the sun) at camp 2 (P. Barny)

- Rach Moore dropping in

- Me rolling the dice on a big hole, thankfully coming through clean

- Me coming into the final drop before the portage (P. Barny)

- Rach Moore loving life

This trip was very worthwhile and I will try get on it before I leave Cali. It was three short days for our crew but would be a good river for some class IV - IV+ boaters to take their time and test there skills... make sure you have a good forecast, it makes the trip SO much better!

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