Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back to Royal... this time with the Canon

With my lost post you can gather how much I like this run. This time the water was a lot lower (boo) but we recruited Shannon the Canon who was all fired up. After testing the structural integrity of AT paddles (failed twice), we made our way down in very good time running the same drops we did last time and the Canon fired Heath Two and Snarley and Shanon ran Wabena. Here are some photos from the trip, much less camera work this time... more routing. Enjoy.

- Me on Heath One (P. Barny)

- The postman (P. Barny)

- The Canon on Heath Two (P. Barny)

- My view of the pre-cave drop (P. Jordy)

- Snarley on Rattlesnake (P. Barny)

- The Canon on Rattlesnake (P. Jordy)

- Snarley coming into Wabena (P. Barny)

- Pre-paddle ditch (P. Jordy)

- The A-Team stoked on Royal (P. Jordy)

There is a big week ahead with heaps of things flowing in Cali... watch this space

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