Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dinkey Creek - Waterfalls Section

Well the name of this run sum it up really... waterfalls! Plenty of clean waterfalls over 6 miles, in one of the coolest places I have paddled. Once you've got the shuttle sorted, thanks Airika and Katie, you have a 45 minutes hike (try do it faster) down to the put in. Due to a fast pace and fading light, thats what putting on at 4.45pm does, we didnt get many photos of day one's bigger drops but I tell you its all good! Here are some of the photos of our trip.

- Me sorting out some foot issues on the hike. (P. Barny)

- Brendon on the first slide... welcome to cali! (P. Jordy)

- Barny firing a shallow drop (P. Jordy)

- Me running the clean 20 footer (P. Barny)

- Portaging is always interesting (P. Barny)

- me running the most stout drop on day one (P. Barny)

- me running the drop right before camp (P. Barny)

- Just chilling at camp

- Snarly early on day two (P. Jordy)

- Barny firing it up (P. Jordy)

- Coming in hot (P. Barny)

- B and Snarley in the gorge, such a sweet section (P. Barny)

- Barny rocking the old school werner (P. Jordy)

- Me boofing into the gorge (P. Snarly)

- Snarly entering the crap shoot (P. Jordy)

- Snarly and Barny running as B put it, "the cleanest waterfall you'll ever see" (P. Jordy)

- B running a sweet slide (P. Barny)

This run is pretty damn good. Not super hard but just a whole lot of fun, definately not a thing to miss if its in while your in Cali.

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