Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Upper Whitcombe - West Coast, New Zealand!

Usually you try not to double up on the multi-day runs during New Zealand summer. This is due to the cost of the helicopter and you also want to try get all 3 (or more if you start counting the Upper Whataroa and Wanganui) classic multi-day runs. This was different for me though as I managed to get a trip in with Dyl and co between christmas and new years AND when Barny decided it was time to go I just so happened to be off work to kayak! So this time it was a straight local crew of Barny Young, Shannon Mast, Matt Coles (on his virgin trip) and myself! We were all yawning waiting for the helicopter... but there was a fire brewing in the crew. Once on the water the vibe was electric, all keen to get amongst it and only left two things not paddled! Masty even mobbed the slot in the Upper Prices Gorge, and it does flush!

Relaxed boys waiting for the chopper (p. Jordy)

Danny Reedy, the new shuttle driver
on the coast (p. Barny)

Chatting to Danny our chopper pilot (p. Barny)

Barns looking for an exit? (p. Jordy)

Matt Coles on the mob (p. Jordy)

Barny enjoying the boulder gardens (p. Jordy)

It's all good on the big one (p. Jordy)

I seen Severin do it a couple of
weeks ago, so figured its all
good. (p. Barny)

Masty cleaning it (p. Jordy)

Colesy keeping it safe on his maiden voyage (p. Jordy)

The sieve I was protecting for this drop
was heinous (p. Jordy)

Colesy running the lead out of the one
Barny, Masty and I ran. (p. Jordy)

The boys routing (p. Jordy)

Barny on my favourite boof (p. Jordy)

Nasty Masty from downstream (p. Barny)

You can really roll over and launch!
(p. Barny)

Content at the hut before 4pm we bathed in the sun, ate like kings and re-hydrated unlike usual as we had no goon! The next morning Masty asked me, "Are we dressing casually or wearing our business suits?" And my reply was, "All business bro"... and it was. We only portaged one thing from Prices Flat down, which was a mandatory portage, and we all had clean lines. Well sort of, Colsey had an issue with "Soph's Slot" at the very start, and both Colesy and I got a little bit of a working on the tall one in Colliers Gorge... but I stand by my decision to not bother scouting it! Probably the best trip I have had down the Whitcombe and the company at the hut was a delight!!!

Red onion, celery, courgette, capsicum, carrot,
asparagus... eating well! (p. Jordy)

Masty, not Daniel. Shit ay. (p. Jordy)

Barny at the beginning of Day Two (p. Jordy)

Barny on the second drop of the
Lower Prices Gorge (p. Jordy)

I was all over safety! (p. Barny)

Matt Coles, from the cover of Men's Health Magazine
to the Upper Whitcombe. (p. Barny)

Barny catching me about to launch
(p. Barny)

Masty slaying it (p. Jordy)

Barny enjoying the final drop of the Crux
section (p. Jordy)

I am guessing this will be my last trip down this gem for the summer, but who knows. Its an amazing couple of days boating guaranteed. Hopefully we can get on the Perth of Mungo soon!

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