Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mangke Gorge - Upper Watut

This was the first descent of the trip, a section between Society and Baiune on the Upper Watut River. Intially we thought we had been skunked as the river looked as if it was going to remain flat, but then some locals frantically waved us to the side and said that it was too rough and we were going to die... perfect!

Being told that I was going to die (p. Barny)

The lead in to Mangke Gorge (p. Jordy)

The first of the big rapids in Mangke Gorge (p. Barny)

Barny following suit (p. Jordy)

Shan peeling out above the secone one (p. Jordy)

Me on the second one (p. Barny)

Paddling infront of a live audience (p. Jordy)

Shannon the Canon? ... we'll see (p. Jordy)

Me entering the last steep section in the gorge (p. Barny)

After this run we rallied to the Snake River but it was to low. On our way back to Lae, however, we found a small creek called the Lopogo. The upper was to low, but would be sick with more water, so we paddled the class IV lower section that we were told was a first descent.

Shan with his make-up crew (p. Jordy)

The only photo we took... it was getting dark and FAST! (p. Jordy)

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