Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wara Mai - Chimbu Province

After having some success in the Morobe Province we couldn't ignore the temptation to go to the highlands. After speaking to some locals we established it was mainly the South Highlands that were the 'no go' zone, so we decided that we'd go and check out the Eastern Highlands, the Chimbu Province and if we felt boisterous... the Western Highlands. After a night in Goroka and then finding out the Asaro needed a lot more water than we had, we headed over Daulo Pass to find the amazing Wara Mai. We put in above the first class IV+ rapids you can see from the road and paddled about 10km to a road bridge, check it out!

Our boy Bonny, so you know he is newly single
and looking for love (p. Jordy)

Shan at our put in for the Mai (p. Jordy)

Coming to the Confluence of the Mai and the
Koningi (p. Barny)

First rapid after the confluence (p. Barny)

Barny in paradise (p. Jordy)

Shannon Mast (p. Barny)

Amazing kids following our progress (p. Barny)

The bulldog (p. Jordy)

Amazing limestone walls, and luckily one of
the few flat stretches of the Mai (p. Barny)

Barny in awe (p. Jordy)

FIrst Descent of Kick-Right Falls (p. Jordy)

Barny selvaging a precious tube from below
the falls (p. Jordy)

My turn (p. Barny)

Local kids watching the local-lover (p. Jordy)

Shan getting in for the last 400m (p. Barny)

After this falls was what I though and easy rapid, and I guess it was really but I just got subbed out and dragged into a sticky backed-up hole and swam. Then another 100m of quite pushy class IV-V and then we hiked up to meet our car. First Descent number four!

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Local kids watching the local-lover (p. Jordy) what location??