Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Papua New Guinea - Wara Busu

After have some success in the Middle and Upper Watut we made our way back to Lae for a couple of days. After some more than continually urging from our local contact Murray Fletcher and a discussion of whether we should do a recky of Wara Busu or just commit to the upper, we found ourselves on the back of a Landcruiser and on our way to put on the Upper Busu. All we knew was it was about 40km, there might be a substantial canyon and that no one had done it before (we were told and Murray would know). Here are some photos from the trip:

Sweet bridge (I was to scared to walk out - it felt dodgey)
(p. Jordy)

The Big Busu (p. Barny)

Barny amongst the Busu (p. Jordy)

Staying on top through some big water
class IV+ (p. Jordy)

Beautiful (p. Jordy)

Shan soaking it in (p. Jordy)

The Bull-Dog (p. Jordy)

Always posing (p. Jordy)

We had prepared for a 3 day trip and were ready for a serious canyon but it turns out this river sat at about 15m/km for its entire 40km. No pools, big and nice pushy rapids and nothing too serious. No of us had been on a river that maintained its gradient so well for its entire length and we all agreed that although the Busu was big, it would be very tempting to paddle it during the wet season... if you could make it up to Boana that is.

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