Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From PNG to CALI!!!

Well after a month of being back in New Zealand cashing up and re-setting we were ready to break out of the cold weather and get some sunshine... fortunately we already has some tickets booked for cali and on June 17th we were on our way. But not before we were interviewed by TV3 news for our PNG expedition... here is the link and we're on at about 38minutes...

After this we held a presentation at Bivouac Outdoor - Tower Junction, where a crowd of over a hundred people turned up to listen to us talk about our expedition, see our slide-show and see a short-film that I made. Backed up by a huge UCCC night out then an midday flight, we arrived in Cali ready to relax and enjoy the sun. We decided that we'd go on a weekend mission with good friends Tera Muir and Jimbob down to the Tuolumne area. Leaving logistics to them we just jumped in their car and went with the flow. We ended up paddling the South Tuolumne, which wasn't super classic but a sweet little creek ending at Rainbow Falls and the Lower T at about 12,000 cfs which was pretty awesome with big holes, waves and smiles all around.

South fork of the T (p. Jordy)

Single and looking, Tera Muir (p. Jordy)

Some of the harder stuff (p. Barny)

Jimbob (p. Jordy)

Me on Rainbow Falls (p. Barny)

Barny on Rainbow Falls (p. Jordy)

California (p. Jordy)

Warmed up and ready to go, we linked up with 10/10 Sean Manchester and are ready to find some of Cali's finest.

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