Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Kimshew and Secret Stash

What was one of Californias best single day's of kayaking has got even better! With no access to the usual Big Kimshew take out you have two options... hike up a hill for an hour or so OR paddle out through the secret stash, adding about 6 miles of goods to an already long day if you do know it. Fortunately for us we had the SE mob of Hale, Smurf, Adrien, Toby, Snarley, Will Pruett, Eric Chance, cali local's Drew Duvall and Sean Manchester and the ring in Kiwi's Barny and myself. Usually a group of this size means a slow pace and a fair bit of carnage but not this day... a mob-a-thon through Big Kimshew, only getting out for the trippler, frenchies and tay's and then through the stash being routed by Smurf. I feel that some of the hardest white-water is in the Stash, so think about this before you send some people in there instead of paddling Big Kimshew with you!

Obviously we didnt take much time to take photos, I actually didnt even take my camera, but here are a few snaps that Barny got of arguably the best single day in California.

Me running into frenchies (p. Barny)

Pruett earning his Frenchies (p. Barny)

It goes better than it looks from the top (p. Barny)

If I get some more photos from the other people on the trip I will throw them up, but we didnt really stop for photos. Its just so damn good to go!

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