Wednesday, July 27, 2011

South Merced

I was super stoked when Tera gave Barny and I the call with this to say, "You boys should think about the South Merced, it looks like it is dropping in"... music to my ears. Last year Keith Riley, Jared Mitchell, Barny and Myself has an awesome trip down this run, none of us knowing it and plenty of flow. So I held this run in high regard. This year the team was going to be Barny, Snarley and Myself, the old campaigners from last season. I think we put on around 1300-1400 at Wawona so it definitely had a bit of juice in it. We decided to take it slow, take plenty of photos and footage and keep it safe... but somehow we still managed to bang it out in about 9 hours, why did we bother taking all that food and over-night gear! Anyway, here are some pictures from one of my favourite multi-day runs in California!

Big moves on the Sth Merced (p. Barny)

Great moves, curlers, buffers, holes.. all
the stuff we love (p. Jordy)

Snarley on a class V sneak (p. Jordy)

Cali tongue with Juice (p. Jordy)

Barny about to plug this (p. Jordy)

The boys routing this (p. Jordy)

This run usually heralds the beginning of the High-Sierra season, meaning things like Royal Gorge, Fantasy, Dinkey and the likes should be coming in soon....

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