Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Since I first set foot in cali this season, all I had heard was the RUBICON was running, that some of the boys hiked out of the RUBICON, the RUBICON had not run in years, that the RUBICON was coming in again and its was $2.50 pint nights at the RUBICON bar. We took this as a sign and when the stars aligned Barny, Cheese and Myself decided that we needed to make it happen. In trying to find a fourth we contacted the Canon, who turned out to be putting on the same day with Rok and his band of Slovenian's. Inevitably we decided to combine and make it a multi-day mob. After setting shuttle, a gormet lunch at Rok's mansion and some pissing around we put on at 5.30pm and banged out the first few miles before the first ledge. Due to our late put in we took no photos... also the servere lack of eddies wasn't encouraging either. We camped on a nice sandy beach and got a nice shady sleep until late morning.

Canon enjoying the fire (p. Jordy)

Our beach-side accommodation (p. Barny)

Day two was pretty sick, lots of class IV-V and boarderline read and run. Again we were lazy and didnt get out much to take photos, but sometimes you just have to go!

Barny routing through the first ledges (p. Jordy)

Me running a hole to hole (p. Barny)

The Canon firing! (p. Barny)

This is an amazing trip and a must do if it is flowing. Put on a little earlier and make it two shorter days, take a fishing pole and plenty of food. Inevitably we made our way to the Rubicon a week or so late for $2.50 pint night... I suggest the Monkey Knife Fight!

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