Tuesday, July 5, 2011


As everyone does in cali, we made our obligatory trip down the Upper Middle Consumes. And as it always happens, our group blew out to about 10 paddlers. After setting shuttle we ripped up to the put in and began what is always an amazing day out. Dont listen to anyone who bags this run it is sick, action packed and clean. Check it out.

Barny on the first 15 footer (p. Jordy)

Gordy following suit (p. Jordy)

Gordy again (p. Jordy)

Me on the double drop (p. Barny)

Thomas bringing 'er around (p. Barny)

Will routing the first 'portage' (p. Jordy)

Boys routing down (p. Barny)

Gareth... Boom (p. Jordy)

Cody greasing it (p. Jordy)

The Cess-Pit Drop (p. Barny)

Running UMC this late in the season shows just how late things are going this season. With a few options for the next days paddling we were ready to fire.

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